B2Sell Boost – B2Sell – eCommerce Solutions For Epicor Prophet 21 Wholesale Distributors
Do you have concerns about rich product sales data showing on your B2B Sell Bost Website?
Are you wishing your B2B Seller or other Epicor eCommerce platform could make user experience and product content management more effective?
Are you constantly trying to reach Epicor and their team of experts on eCommerce, enhancements and modifications, only to find out that the functionality and design you are looking for is not available and it would cost you a fortune to build it?

B2Sell is an integrated platform that enhances your current B2B Seller/Epicor eCommerce solution with enriched product content design and search functions; immensely helping your customers with Web and Mobile shopping experience.

Boost your current Epicor B2B Seller website by displaying more content using B2Sell Boost. Minimal integration required on B2B Seler side and you can go live in a matter of hours.


  • Quicker time to market without the need to switch or alter existing platforms
  • Enhance B2B Seller product pages with Features, Images, Attachments and more
  • Content gathering and creation services takes care of the most critical and cumbersome task of keeping content up to date
  • Get more control and provide visibility across various platforms using B2Sell Solutions


  • Enhanced product pages with additional data required for your customers
  • Multiple images with larger views and zoom functionality
  • Multiple attachments and embed videos for product demos and usage instructions
  • Updated through live sync from Epicor ERP and B2Sell Central
  • SEO friendly content with on page optimization

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