B2Sell Central – B2Sell – eCommerce Solutions For Epicor Prophet 21 Wholesale Distributors
Today’s Enterprise Distribution and Manufacturing companies require more than just an ERP to manage and share their most valuable asset – Product Sales Data. They need a robust application that centrally manages all this rich content and readily shares it with their customers consistently and in a timely manner, online, through mobile devices and other digital media.

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service all rely on this product information to be readily available through multiple channels, to be shared on a moment’s notice and help keep customers interested, buying and loyal.

B2Sell Central is our core product for content management that is integrated into your existing Epicor database, all the time and effort you have put into developing your Epicor infrastructure is captured with B2Sell Central. Items, Categories, Suppliers, Customers, Brands, Pricing, Classes and other custom columns can be stored and synced in real time with your Epcicor to make the data available to your customers and internal staff.

  • Aggregate product data from Epicor
  • Maintain internal synchronization of product data
  • Enable multi-channel publishing
  • Add unlimited attributes and extensible taxonomies
  • Establish the foundation of your master data management (MDM) framework
  • Achieve peace of mind with users and role-based security features
  • Get up-to-speed faster with our user-friendly interface
  • Establish and maintain role-based security levels
  • Streamline your product information management with workflow

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