B2Sell Mobile – B2Sell – eCommerce Solutions For Epicor Prophet 21 Wholesale Distributors
With increasing competition, wholesale distributors need to expand their market reach by attracting new customers. The most lucrative target is MOBILE shoppers.

Today, over 40% of all online orders come from mobile devices — Smartphones and Tablet PC’s. And the number is increasing significantly. By 2017, it’s estimated that over $90 billion in ecommerce sales will take place through mobile devices, mainly tablets.

How can distributors penetrate this competitive market?

B2Sell Mobile is a native mobile application that is fully integrated with your product database. All of your product content, images, account details and purchase orders are tied to your Epicor Prophet 21 ERP system for complete automation.

The process is fast and easy: Once B2Sell Mobile is deployed within your dealer channel, it’s immediately accessible to potentially millions of new customers. Each product that is purchased on the robust dealer apps is directly sent to your order management system for fulfillment.

By developing a proven mobile presence, you can leverage your dealer channel to:

  • Increase sales with more shoppers visiting dealer-branded websites
  • Automate fulfillment with dealer orders routed to your ERP system
  • Reduce inventory with products drop-shipped directly to consumers
  • Offer dealers real-time product inventory and accurate pricing details

Within just a few short months, distributors running on B2Sell’s mobile commerce platform can experience a significant increase in new business, order size and repeat business. The ease of use and customer-friendly displays can help keep you ahead of the competition for good.

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