A leading manufacturer of industrial robotic arms and systems had a requirement for creating price lists on demand for their customers. They have multiple locations worldwide and required the capability to create price lists for all of their locations.

The Challenge

TThe company had different catalogs for each of their worldwide locations and they needed a solution that would allow them to maintain different catalogs within the same database and they would also need different user access levels so only certain users had full permissions and the rest of them had limited permissions for access.

B2Sell proposed a turnkey solution that included the following

  • Setup of the database by loading the data and images
  • Designing the templates required for the price lists
  • Setting up of users with different permissions for access level

Using B2Sell Central the data is stored as different catalogs for each location and there is a master catalog which allows overlapping of product data as and when required. The data can be easily imported and updates for pricing, images etc are easily managed through the built-in import module.

Using B2Sell Output on demand price lists are generated by marketing and sales teams, these price lists can include a subset of the products as per requirements. The products can be selected based on a Customer, Product Groups, Discount Groups, Category etc and a price list in PDF format can be easily created.

With B2Sell solutions the manufacturer is able to provide on demand price lists which are consistent in terms of look and feel and data. This has greatly simplified the marketing and sales processes which has resulted in a significant revenue boost for the company.