B2Sell offers wholesale distributors a no-risk, high reward partnership opportunity. No matter what industry you’re in – medical products, automotive, electronics, plumbing, manufacturing, industrial and more – B2Sell can help you increase sales by reaching more dealers and their online and mobile consumers.

Specifically, B2Sell’s industry-tailored program offers distributors:

  • A dynamic and robust eCommerce Portal that provides your dealers with new customized and branded websites tied to your product database
  • Managed content and sharing for thousands of product sku’s, images, brochures and exploded parts diagrams
  • A tool to highlight new products and promotions on demand
  • Improved productivity and efficiency through automation in order tracking and fulfillment
  • The ability to provide your dealers with real-time product inventory status and pricing updates
  • A secure, hosted and maintained eCommerce Platform
  • The potential to earn commission on dealer sign-ups (call for details)

B2Sell’s engagement process with the distributor partner:

The time to act is now. With increasing competition and sluggish sales, B2Sell’s partnership program can successfully transform your “brick-and-motor” dealer channel to compete head on with online retailers. Contact B2Sell today to learn more about our program.