Epicor B2B Seller Enhancements – B2Sell – eCommerce Solutions For Epicor Prophet 21 Wholesale Distributors
Do you have concerns about rich product sales data showing on your B2B Seller eCommerce Website?
Are you wishing your B2B Seller or other Epicor eCommerce platform could make user experience and product content management more effective?
Are you constantly trying to make modifications and enhancements to the presentation of product sales data and details on your B2BSeller eCommerce website, only to find out that the functionality and design you are looking for is not available? You urge a more effective and comprehensive solution?

B2Sell is an integrated platform that enhances your current B2B Seller/Epicor eCommerce solution with enriched product content design and search functions; immensely helping your customers with Web and Mobile shopping experience.


  • Quicker time to market without the need to switch or alter existing platforms
  • Enhance B2B Seller product pages with Features, Images, Attachments and more
  • Content gathering and creation services takes care of the most critical and cumbersome task of keeping content up to date
  • B2Sell Mobile Commerce app can be instantly accessed by thousands of existing customers
  • Get more control and provide visibility across various platforms using B2Sell Solutions
  • B2Sell solutions offer enhanced features for today’s mobile and web commerce

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Manage your product data and publish to multiple channels. B2Sell Central is our core product that is synced with Epicor ERP and gives compelte control over data, workflows and is integral for any business.
  • Connected to Epicor ERP for product data, pricing and inventory
  • Add & Manage unlimited attributes inlcuding specifications, images and attachments
  • Publish to multiple channels such as B2B websites, dealer portals, Mobile app and Print
  • Easy import & Export options to enable efficient data transfer between systems
  • Content creation services to gather data from supplier websites and other


Boost your current Epicor B2B Seller website by displaying more content using B2Sell Boost. Minimal integration required on B2B Seler side and you can go live in a matter of hours.
  • Enhanced product pages with additional data required for your customers
  • Multiple images with larger views and zoom functionality
  • Multiple attachments and embed videos for product demos and usage instructions
  • Updated through live sync from Epicor ERP and B2Sell Central
  • SEO friendly content with on page optimization


Mobile apps that work in sync with your Epicor ERP and B2B Seller to give your customers the ultimate mobile ordering experience. Take your online presence to the next level using custom branded apps.
  • Works live with B2Sell Central for product data
  • Works in Sync with B2Sell eSeller, customers can process orders from either platforms
  • Built-In notifications for inventory updates,order tracking and others
  • Barcode scanner to quickly find products
  • Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platorms
B2Sell Solutions leverage your current infrastructure and solutions to offer better data to your customers through varous channels. B2Sell solutions help you stand out from competitors by offering your customers accurate, consistent and complete information on your products.