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About B2Sell

About B2Sell

In today’s competitive marketplace, wholesale distributors need a modern and flexible eCommerce solution to stay ahead of the competition. B2Sell has worked with hundreds of distributors in the United States and abroad – helping them launch a fully integrated eCommerce portal.

Why B2Sell?

Unlike other “cookie-cutter” solutions, B2Sell’s eCommerce Portal is fully customizable and integrated. Product dealers can maintain their own corporate identities – incorporating their logos, colors, design and more in the website templates.

More importantly, B2Sell is fully integrated with distributor ERP, CRM, accounting and other business systems. So, new products, pricing updates, promotions and other information are automatically linked to dealer websites. That’s right – no more manual data entry and no chance of error.

B2Sell offers the fastest and easiest approach to providing product data to dealers. Wholesale distribution businesses will flourish through:

  • Increased sales with robust online and mobile dealer storefronts
  • Improved customer loyalty due to ease of use and navigation on dealer websites
  • Better order tracking with dealer portals linked to inventory and order management systems
  • Improved buying experience with flexible product comparisons and simplified checkout
Contact B2Sell for Epicor Prophet 21 solutions

Contact B2Sell for Epicor Prophet 21 solutions

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