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B2Sell is here to help you do more, transform business, and streamline how you manage product data.

Whether your business has thousands of products or just a few, B2Sell PIM is a better, quicker, fun way of managing products information.

The flexibility and automation offered by our PIM make it easy for you to scale up, onboard new products and eliminate costly, time-consuming manual work.

By simplifying product data management and streamlining workflows, B2Sell PIM gives enterprises a better way to work on various platforms.

B2Sell PIM for ERP

B2Sell ERP solutions connect and sync your systems and applications with your data sources to give your teams a unified view of data in real-time, even when the data originates from different departments.

B2Sell PIM for eCommerce

B2Sell integrations allow you to connect and sync data from multiple eCommerce platforms.

Our flexible PIM integration streamlines the management of data, and critical info on product features, categories, digital assets, and more.

B2Sell PIM for CRM

B2Sell PIM CRM integration combines best-in-class technologies and scalable strategies to help organizations collect and analyze data from touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle.

Customer-related information is effectively consolidated into a centralized repository for faster, efficient, streamlined access, collaboration, and analysis.

B2Sell PIM for Marketplaces

Our marketplace PIM connector provides real-time, automated synchronization of product data for online stores across multiple eCommerce platforms.

Automating on-demand data transfer saves companies time, money, and efforts while eliminating human error and costly overheads.

Client Profile

Bryan Equipment Sales
Pacific Ag Wholesalers
Trinity Surface & Tile
SRS Distribution
Heritage Pool Supply Group
Electracom Supply
Trenton Pipe

As a powerful, efficient industry gamechanger B2Sell Central optimizes business processes in the following ways

Linking the supply chain and sales channels by streamlining how you manage product data.

Automating the sourcing, editing, and updating data for thousands of products across multiple store fronts

Eliminating manual processes slowing down product-to-market time

Presenting you with easy-to-use templates so you can create print-ready product sheets in an instant

Streamlining the creation and management catalogs that are up-to-date and accurate

Making it easy to enrich your product experiences with images, video, and other digital attributes through an associated Digital Assets Manager

Easily confirm the correctness and completeness of product data across all channels

Collaboratively enrich your product information by bringing together the work of the different teams in your organization

Redefine how you sell and display products with B2Sell PIM