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An Enterprise Resource Planning system collects and manages data from departments across an organization, including manufacturing, supply chain, accounting, marketing, and sales. Indeed, most modules in a typical ERP system handle customer-facing activities such as billing, orders, fulfillment, shipping, etc.

B2Sell ERP solutions connect and sync your systems and applications with your data sources to give your teams a unified view of data in real time, even when the data originates from different departments.

Centralize Data

Reduce Human Error

Automate Processes

Visualization of Tasks and Workflows

Types of ERP Integrations

eCommerce-ERP Integration

Your eCommerce platform makes it easy for customers to browse, buy, and pay for your products. An ERP integration makes it easy for you to fulfill orders and deliver the correct products to the right customers.

B2Sell’s intuitive solutions work perfectly with most eCommerce platforms, including BigCommerce, Magento, Salesforce, and more

ERP-ERP Integration

The nature of your B2B business may require you to run multiple ERP systems. Connecting these ERP systems is vital for accuracy, consistency, and real-time view of customer, financial, and product data.

Our experts integrate B2Sell solutions into most Enterprise Resource Planning systems, including Sage, Epicor, NetSuite, QuickBooks, and more.

Customer Service- ERP Integration

Excellent customer service translates to enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced instances of product returns, and increased return customers.

Therefore, your business needs reliable customer service software with proactive interactions and omnichannel capabilities. To ensure the seamless working of your customer relations software, you ought to integrate it with ERP.

B2Sell connects to most customer service platforms, including Salesforce, Oracle, Zendesk, and more.

Other ERP Integrations

B2Sell solutions can integrate with a wide variety of other software, including:

  • Human resources management software
  • Project management software
  • Business intelligence software
  • Electronic Data Interchange platforms
  • Enterprise Asset Management software

Benefits of B2Sell ERP Integrations

Greater Efficiency

Your business may slow down if vital data is scattered in multiple repositories. B2sell ERP solutions automate processes and pull data from different systems into a single central hub.

Accessing all product and customer data in a single ERP platform reduces bottlenecks in your workflow and improves business turnover.

By integrating B2Sell ERP integrations, B2B enterprises can effectively reduce delays in order fulfillment, product delivery, and invoicing.

Enhanced Collaboration

Integrating data from different systems on a single ERP database makes data from one department readily available to other departments in real-time.

Our robust ERP solutions connect all key stakeholders in your business, allowing them to leverage valuable enterprise data to manage, track and optimize eCommerce.

Additionally, it makes it easy for teams to see what their peers are doing, making it easy to provide feedback and assign priority levels for different tasks without associated risks of data corruption, accidental loss, or unauthorized breaches.

Better Decision Making

Our seamless ERP solutions facilitate decision-making by offering actionable insight about your products and customers.

We also integrate business intelligence to help your business deal with changing market trends and meet your customers’ expectations.

B2Sell’s integrated ERP makes it to cost-effectively analyze activities in all departments. So, you can make meaningful decisions guided by error-free analytics and custom reports.