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Growing B2B enterprises need an end-to-end business solution to help them manage their accounts and tasks directly related to accounting, like inventory and supply chain operations.

QuickBooks is a comprehensive ERP containing modules that make it easier for companies to plan, budget, and manage their inventory and supply chain.

B2Sell PIM is an omnichannel product data manager that cost-effectively minimizes data entry to help B2B enterprises scale their operations and improve customer satisfaction

Epicor Prophet 21 Integration

Features of B2Sell PIM

  • Product data auto-import from diverse sources
  • Bulk upload and bulk update of product data
  • Product data modeling
  • Product data quality control
  • Product content syndication
  • Easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly User Interface
  • Supports multiple stores per marketplace
  • Publish different product pricing to different marketplaces

B2sell provides enterprises with the most efficient way to automate workflows and easily consolidate supply chain operations

A single platform for all your product-related information

  • Easy to import product information from multiple sources, including product sheets, excel spreadsheets, and more
  • The PIM’s easy-to-use templates let you create print-ready product sheets in an instant
  • Get your product data automatically updated across all channels
  • Create and manage catalogs that are up-to-date and accurate
  • Enrich your product experiences with images, video, and other digital attributes through an associated Digital Assets Manager
  • Easily confirm the correctness and completeness of product data across all channels
  • Collaboratively enrich your product information by bringing together the work of the different teams in your organization

B2Sell PIM integration into QuickBooks gives you a cost-effective way of establishing, maintaining, and growing your product data.

  • The PIM links your supply chain and sales channels by streamlining how you manage product data.
  • Sell at scale by eliminating manual processes slowing down product-to-market time
  • HSimply import your supplier data with our “No Coding Required” PIM API
  • Automate the sourcing, editing, and updating data for thousands of products across multiple store fronts
  • Customize and sync product attributes, categories, and pricing across different marketplaces and channels.