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B2Sell redefines how B2B merchants sell and display their products on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Our Product Information management (PIM) software radically improves product content publishing, thus helping you drive business, increase revenue, enhance customer satisfaction and boost your brand identity.

Integration overview

B2Sell provides PIM integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud using our exclusive B2Sell PIM API. Our fast- and easy-to-deploy API allows you to transfer enriched, accurate, and consistent product information directly to the Commerce Cloud.

Epicor Prophet 21 Integration


Our PIM is a turnkey solution that integrates fully with Salesforce Commerce, giving B2B merchants the ability to efficiently:

  • Synchronize product data across the Commerce Cloud and other channels
  • Manage product info, inventory, prices, and sales
  • Manage order lifecycle from initiation to fulfillment
  • Use product information to drive revenue at every buyer touchpoint

A single platform to bring compelling product stories to life

Easy Access to Product Data

With a few clicks, you can add, import, manage, and control your product data.

Automate And Optimize Product Data

No more mundane work. Our PIM leverages unlimited custom rules to automate catalog management. The single platform allows you to automatically modify attributes, categories, and many more while increasing repeatability and consistency.

Plan Better

Through B2Sell PIM’s automation of product content management, it’s now easier to identify, schedule, and optimize product information that needs attention-- and avoid random errors and omissions.

Streamline Information Publishing

Automation across all channels, not just Salesforce Commerce Cloud, lets you effortlessly publish high-quality product content everywhere from mobile and print to digital and social media channels.

Seize More Opportunities

Our PIM automatically formats and optimizes production information to meet any standards across the online business world. Thus, we are making it easy for you to reach new marketplaces, channels, and data pools quickly and efficiently.

How Our Unified Product Information Platform works



Register for a B2Sell PIM account


Add your B2B stores built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform


Use B2Sell PIM to manage all product data, including descriptions, categories, orders, shipments, etc.

B2Sell PIM Was Built to Make Your Life Easier

Your online B2B eCommerce operations have been growing, and now, it’s getting harder to keep up with whatever’s going on in your business catalog.
Don’t worry, we totally get it—and have the perfect solution.

Say goodbye to:

  • Products getting offline’d by mistake
  • Hot-seller stock items unexpectedly going out of stock
  • Inaccurate product data being published
  • Receiving inaccurate or incomplete SEO data and analytics
Epicor Prophet 21 Integration

B2Sell experts understand what it is like to run a B2B business on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. So, we created a PIM that cost-effectively and effortlessly enhances your product content.

Manage Multiple Stores

A single PIM to manage products on more than one Commerce Cloud Stores

Maintain 100% Accuracy

The PIM offers unique validation and grading tools to ensure that information published is 100% accurate all the time

Manage Multiple Stores

Consistent information gets displayed everywhere your products appear, both print and online

Intuitive Taxonomy

The intuitive hierarchical taxonomy offered by B2Sell PIM allows for better organization of your merchandise

Secure Collaboration

A single repository for product data allows all teams, including marketing, logistics, IT, and sales to work faster and securely

High Limits API

Our high-limit B2Sell PIM API allows you to add large catalogs from multiple stores and distribute the information across all channels.