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The complete, cloud-based B2Sell PIM suite is ideal for high-growing, mid-sized to large enterprises

B2Sell PIM is the perfect solution for B2B companies striving for better product data management on Sage Business Cloud Enterprise. In addition, the single PIM suite allows firms to provide omnichannel product experiences that strengthen customer relationships.

B2Sell PIM effectively simplifies enterprise manageable on Sage by giving you better control of your product data. When implemented with our PIM, your Sage eCommerce benefits from increased purchases, decreased returns, and streamlined workflow systems.

Over the last 2 decades, we’ve worked closely with leading industry players to enable Sage eCommerce. We’ve poured the wealth of experience gained into building an exclusive PIM dedicated to enhancing omnichannel and customer experiences for enterprises on Sage.

Created from the ground up as a full-service PIM, B2Sell for Sage goes far beyond organizing product data to include data analytics, advice, and optimization.

Enhance Automation and Responsiveness

Nearly every brand needs to scale its customer base and sales volume to keep pace with and possibly surpass the competition.

Our best-in-class PIM is the most complete way to streamline and increase agility in managing your inventory, product data, orders, purchases, sales, and pricing.

Integrating B2Sell into Sage does not just provide a generic product information management system; we give enterprises a holistic solution that is flexibly structured to simplify work, amplify sales, and magnify your business.

Accuracy and Consistency

The high-value integration with B2Seel API lets you import data from XML, CSV, or your ERP.

The data is then mapped and configured to match your eCommerce/channel requirements for product features, categories, pricing, and more.

Your enriched product data can also be exported to separate resources, data sheets, pdfs, and other sales/output channels. In addition to reducing manual work, B2Sell PIM eliminates delays, errors, omissions, and costs associated with compromised product data.

Centralized Efficiency

B2Sell PIM consolidates all of your product data into a central repository that integrates your eCommerce across Sage storefronts enabling operations in all directions.

Automatically share access and sync product-related workflows for your teams

Our “Plug-In” API architecture lets you transform your Sage operations without impairing your teams or systems.

Improved collaboration reduces product processing time and associated costs of labor, immediately enhancing service levels and boosting profitability.