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Want an extra team of experts to help manage product data and tell your product stories in engaging ways to drive revenue on Infor® ERP?

B2Sell takes out the stress and time of managing your product information.

Edit and add new product data in bulk.

Modify descriptors, assign categories, add images and visuals, and do much more

Build, edit, update, and manage thousands of SKUs through diverse channels and marketplaces, including Infor® and physical stores

Manage all the information required to make your products accessible to the right audience anywhere, anytime, around the clock.

Unlimited growth potential.

With unlimited fields for products, accessories, and related products, B2Sell PIM makes it easy to scale your business on Infor®.

Synchronize product data across your Infor® stores for the cleanest data possible.

Deliver accurate, useful, up-to-date, engaging product information to prospects and customers

Epicor Prophet 21 Integration

Features of B2Sell

  • Real-time updates for product information
  • Drag and drop functionality for images, video, and digital assets
  • Import, sync, and manage product attributes, specifications, categories, and more across your Infor® stores
  • Bulk-editing of product information and categories
  • Export product data to use in other platforms and systems
  • Supports multi-user product information management

The B2Sell PIM for Infor® is an integrated solution built to help firms doing business-to-business eCommerce seamlessly deliver product information that is useful, comprehensive, and beautifully displayed.


We offer an easy-to-use, fast, flexible, future-proof, and automated product information management system


A central hub for product data ensures that your products sell in multiple Infor stores without any compromises on the quality of product information.

Exceptional Customer Experiences

B2Sell PIM consistently delivers the best possible product stories in an omnichannel environment essential for satisfied, returning customers


B2Sell PIM allows you to put your existing staff to the best use in creating scalable, personalized product experiences.

B2Sell PIM has proved to be a game-changer for B2B firms in elevating their eCommerce marketing and sales efforts.

Straightforward Integration

B2Sell for Infor® is built for seamlessly ERP integration

Manage and sync all product data, including product content, attributes, pricing, specs, and many more

Flexible PIM

Flexibility modeling allows B2Sell PIM to support your unique business requirements

Associated DAM( digital assets Management) platform supports multiple electronic media, including images, documents, and video

Straightforward Integration

100% of our clients agree that B2Sell PIM improved how data was managed and processed

Over 200 businesses integrate B2Sell PIM into their eCommerce operations

Less than 1 day needed to launch B2Sell PIM

Get the best out of your Infor® products data by integration with B2Sell PIM.

Monitor the entire product lifecycle from manufacturing to shipping with B2Sell PIM

Seamlessly synchronize catalog, inventory, orders, pricing, and more with B2Sell PIM