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B2Sell offers companies running their B2B operations on BigCommerce a trusted solution to manage all product information.

The B2Sell PIM for BigCommerce is multi-storefront compatible. So you can rely on it to transform customer shopping experiences in all your stores on the BigCommerce platform.

Epicor Prophet 21 Integration


  • Easy setup, straightforward configuration
  • Flexible, powerful data mapping capability to accommodate all products and product models
  • Seamless synchronization of product data across multiple channels and marketplaces
  • Real-time analytics and reporting

Save Time Managing Product Data; Focus More on Selling

  • B2Sell PIM for eCommerce overcomes all the challenges of managing product data manually
  • We’ll help you automate and enrich the creation, editing, and updating of product information for your BigCommerce stores
  • B2Sell PIM helps B2B enterprises on BigCommerce save up to 90% of the time spent creating, organizing, updating, and sharing product data

Insightful Analytics and Reporting to Grow Your Business

  • Speed and agility are assured through customizable product tags and advanced product searches
  • The fully-connected product info management solution provides automated quality reporting and analytics of your BigCommerce store
  • The intuitive, agile B2Sell PIM gives you complete oversight over SEO and key metrics of online performance

How B2Sell PIM for BigCommerce Works

1. Streamlines Product Data Production

Once integrated into your store, our PIM API links directly to your product data sources, be they spreadsheets, XML, CSV, your suppliers, ERP, etc.

After gaining access to the entire range of data sources, the PIM automates future updates so that all changes to product information flow seamlessly through the PIM to your BigCommerce store.

2. Enriches Product Information

B2Sell consolidates information about your products into a centralized hub

Based on the well-defined rules you set up, the product data will be translated, formatted, and optimized for your individual storefronts

The PIM’s validation engine will pick up existing errors, including duplicates, missing fields, and incorrect formats

3. Data Distribution and Collaboration

B2Sell PIM connects to the entire ecosystem of your BigCommerce operations.

The Integration gives your entire team real-time access to high-quality product information from a single repository

Thanks to its powerful functionality, your teams can share, manage, and distribute product information without burdening the PIM

The efficient orchestration of product data makes it easy for firms to stock and manage a wider product range.

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What Our Clients Say

"B2Sell PIM is a phenomenal framework on which B2B business can build out their product information"

"B2Sell PIM for BigCommerce is a must-have API for companies doing business on BigCommerce"