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An Easy, Impactful Way to Enrich and Organize Your Magento Inventory

One of the simplest rules for succeeding in the online business world is ensuring that your customer gets the correct information about your products quickly and effectively.

We make it easy to manage all the data needed to promote and sell your products on Magento and all other distribution channels.

  • Easily manage every product in your Magento store
  • Get your Magento products ready for sale faster and on budget
  • Sell faster and easily
  • Create compelling product experiences

Our PIM for Magento experts are ready to answer your questions.

Ensuring Brand Success

Your customers expect COMPELLING, HIGHLY PERSONALIZED PRODUCT EXPERIENCES. PIM for Magento allows you to create targeted and informative product descriptions tailored to your shoppers’ personal and emotional needs.

In essence, PIM for Magento

  • Gets products before your customers’ eyes faster
  • Increases conversionsReduces the incidence of returns
  • Let’s you keep pace with and adapt to the changing demands and behavior of your customers
  • Enhances brand loyalty
  • Grows your business and expands your market share

B2sell PIM also helps you work more effectively and productively

  • Eliminates overreliance on tiresome spreadsheets
  • Enhances collaboration with your entire team, including marketers, sales, and IT
  • Helps you manage business scale, reduce infrastructure costs, and save on spending by boosting team productivity

How Does PIM for Magento Work

PIM for Magento lets you manage your SKUs, Product codes, titles, product descriptions, categories, prices, and a whole range of other attributes.

It allows you to publish high-quality, customer-centric content at the right time, in the proper channels.

Collecting Product Data

  • Gather product data from PLM, ERP, and other systems
  • Import data via pre-built connectors, CSV, XSLS files, etc.
  • Onboard data from your suppliers
  • Connect to DAM for documents and visual data

Managing Product Information

  • Tag, classify, and categorize products
  • Measure, track, and control the quality of product information in real-time
  • Manage the completeness and accuracy of your catalog in real-time

Enrich Your Product Descriptions

  • Add technical and usage data
  • Add images, videos, and other media
  • Automate the product description enrichment process

Distribute Information Across Different Channels

  • Manage your products across every sales channel, not just Magento
  • Select attributes specific to each channel
  • Connect online and offline channels (e.g., print) via our proprietary API-based connectors

A key component of winning product descriptions is high-quality digital assets such as pictures, guides, lifestyle photos, how-to-videos, manuals, and so on. Leverage PIM and DAM today and ensure that the right assets are available for every product in your Magento Catalog.

Going Beyond Information Management to Create Personalized Experiences

Enticing shoppers to explore and buy starts with providing rich product content with accurate, attention-grabbing experiences.

Epicor Prophet 21 Integration

Our PIM for Magento traverses into the PXM (Product Experience Management) realm in the following ways:

  • Providing product information that is accurate and complete
  • Improving data quality
  • Reducing content acquisition costs
  • Eliminating duplications
  • Providing relevant, contextualized information at every touchpoint in your customer’s purchase journey