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Best B2B eCommerce Customer Experience | B2Sell | B2B eCommerce Solutions


Posted on November 26, 2021

Best B2B eCommerce Customer Experience | B2Sell | B2B eCommerce Solutions
The Key Factors Contributing to a Successful B2B eCommerce Customer Experience
While it sounds like a complex process, building customer experience has become extremely crucial for online business. Above 70% of online users have reported dropping a brand or switching to other product suppliers if its online presence is not up to the mark. Some surveys quote that customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience online. For example, comparing two online marketplaces that supply the same product with one providing the same product at a lesser price point than the other. Even after providing the same product at a lower cost customers prefer to buy from the online place with the higher price just because of its customer experience. People tend to purchase from seemingly easy to use, user-friendly and lag-free user interfaces thus creating a highly competitive space for bringing out the best customer experience platforms possible for better sales.
Better Knowledge of Potential Customers
Nowadays, post the pandemic era, people are more likely to indulge in online businesses rather than having sales representatives explain to them the products and services. This has created an enormous need for many bricks to mortar businesses to switch to online platforms to engage with customers better.
Having a catchy and content-driven online presence for your brand will help in inviting more new customers. Also, with the vast availability of data in all facets of the business world, it is ideal to use them accordingly to drive your business to the next level by targeting the right customers as per geography, income, interests, demographics, etc.
Understanding the Importance of Being Customer-Centric
Every interaction that happens between a brand and its customer is considered an impression. Hence, every impression is inevitable to the course of your business journey. From the first website view, click, call, chat to purchase and maintenance, all are crucial in the cycle of customer satisfaction. It is important to let the customer feel valued for what they pay through the product/ service you extend as part of your brand. Training your employee to serve the customers well and keep their needs a priority will provide a positive impact on the relationship with the customers.
Customization or personalization has its impact here. Every customer would like to be served in their style or way. For example, a customer wants a develop a website for their business. As a developer, your role is to understand the requirements of the customer and develop a website completely customized for their requirements. This will ensure that the website has its own identity that will allow it to stand out from the plethora of websites on the internet today as per its genre.
Being in Constant Communication/ Available for Customers
Technology has grown exponentially fast in the last few years creating the immense potential for customer experience and satisfaction. Using the latest technologies and improvements such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics, you can create a seamless interface for your customers according to their expectations and needs. This not only provides a good score for customer experience but will also give you bonus points in the competitive market.
Incorporating services such as 24x7 live chat/ customer service, chatbots, knowledge help centres, automated services for email or phone, can increase the faith of the customer about the brand. This will also help in ensuring that each customer receives a personalized approach to their queries and issues which is one of the most sought after factors in Customer experience.
Many a time, post purchases, customers do not receive the right services extended to them as was offered before purchase. This is one big contributor that many B2B businesses lose their customers to other brands and distributors. Hence, post-purchase support is inevitable to maintain a long-term relationship with a brand and customer. Regular calls to ensure the customer is satisfied with the product/ service, updating them on any changes or new additions, informing the customers on new product/ service releases, etc are a few ways to keep in touch with the customers for longer periods.
Optimizing the Websites Usability and Accessibility based on Standards & Customer Feedbacks
If you still have an old website that is yet to be optimized, just remember the quote, Its better late than never. Now is the best time for you to optimize your website to the current standards set for websites and also consider making those crucial changes suggested by your customers during customer surveys and feedback. This will together ensure that the customer experience received post upgrades will contribute greatly to customer retention and inviting new customers to work with your brand. As mentioned in the previous section, being in contact with the customers is important to maintain a good rapport with the customers and to also know their inputs and feedback on how we as a brand can improve the quality of our services to make their experience better.
As you have read through these points, creating a website and launching it online does not complete the process of taking your business online but you must consider the above-mentioned points for your customers to be satisfied with the B2B transactions and experience.