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As your enterprise grows and your inventory expands, your infrastructure needs to adapt, allowing you to catalog the ever-growing product data easily.

It is particularly challenging to manually add and update product information for multiple products when doing business across more than one online marketplace or channel.

When a B2B business lacks an efficient way to manage product data accurately, it risks wasting time, money, and human resources. And worse, the business may consistently post inaccurate product information on its channels and inevitably lose customers.

Therefore, a growing B2B enterprise needs a robust product information management system. The B2Sell PIM offers an infrastructure to manage product data that supports business growth and respects your company’s budget.

We build intuitive tools that let B2B firms quickly add complete product information and update existing product data across all channels with minimal effort, cost, and time.

Product data management for a single central platform

Guaranteed product information consistency and accuracy across the entire business

Powerful organizational abilities to help your products reach the market faster

Synchronized omnichannel selling across multiple eCommerce sites and marketplaces

Client Profile

Bryan Equipment Sales
Pacific Ag Wholesalers
Trinity Surface & Tile
SRS Distribution
Heritage Pool Supply Group
Electracom Supply

Custom Features of B2Sell PIM

  • Rich customizable templates with plenty of room for detailed product descriptions, specifications, media, and more
  • Bulk editing capabilities for product data on multiple distribution channels
  • Unlimited powerful product categorization and organization
  • Built-in multichannel integration allows the full exportation of data to numerous channels and marketplaces
  • Extensive product options and variants to let you present all the options available for the products you sell, including weight, color, size, prices, etc.
  • Import functionality so businesses can easily pull product information from all existing sources, including suppliers, other online stores, spreadsheets, etc.
  • All product data management can be handled from the B2Sell dashboard, thereby centralizing and streamlining workflows
  • Excellent synchronization of inventory, sales, and product information across all platforms
  • Highly-flexible product data modeling functionalities, including multilingual support, classification standards, object relations, and data inheritance, to help you create custom product descriptions for different channels.
  • Robust digital assets management to manage all digital media, including video, images, graphics, visuals, documentation, and more
  • Collaborative workflow designs to orchestrate, automate and collaborate product-related business processes based on implementors, activities, and decisions.
  • Advanced user and right-based management to fine-tune access and responsibilities
  • Quality analytics to help you monitor the performance of your products online
  • Easy integration with third-party software, including CRM, ERP, eCommerce, and other enterprise systems

At B2Sell, we build robust Product Information Management solutions to help B2B enterprises manage product data seamlessly while providing exceptional customer experiences.