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B2Sell B2B and Ecommerce Features

B2B E-Commerce

Category and Brand Navigation

  • Intuitive organization for easy product exploration.
  • Dedicated sections for specific brands enhance focus.
  • Simplified browsing ensures swift user journey.
  • Enhanced user experience through efficient navigation.
B2B E-Commerce

Powerful Search

  • Rapid and precise results through advanced search capabilities.
  • Filters and sorting options refine search outcomes.
  • Faceted search offers layered refinement for granular results.
  • Accelerates product discovery for time-conscious buyers.
B2B E-Commerce

Customer Pricing and Stock

  • Tailored pricing and real-time stock visibility per customer.
  • Reflects negotiated terms and contract-based rates.
  • Averts order discrepancies with accurate stock information.
  • Boosts customer satisfaction with personalized experiences.
B2B E-Commerce

Quick Order Pad

  • Streamlined bulk ordering using SKUs or codes.
  • Ideal for high-volume or routine purchases.
  • Swiftens ordering process, saving time and effort.
  • Increases operational efficiency for frequent buyers.
B2B E-Commerce

My Account

  • Customized customer accounts with order history.
  • Securely access saved preferences for swift reordering.
  • Strengthen engagement and customer loyalty.
  • Personalized hub for seamless interactions.
B2B E-Commerce

View & Pay Invoices

  • Convenient invoice viewing and online payment options.
  • Facilitates eco-friendly, paperless transactions.
  • Enhanced transparency in financial dealings.
  • Simplified management of invoices and payments.
B2B E-Commerce

Order History

  • Detailed archive of past orders and transactions.
  • Easily reorder previously purchased items.
  • Insights into purchasing patterns and history.
  • Empowers customers with transaction visibility.
B2B E-Commerce

Sales Rep Features

  • Tailored tools for sales representatives' effectiveness.
  • Client-specific pricing and offerings for personalized service.
  • Foster improved client engagement and satisfaction.
  • Strengthen customer relationships through individualized attention.
B2B E-Commerce

Integration with ERP

  • Seamlessly integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
  • Synchronizes critical data like products, inventory, and orders.
  • Minimizes manual data entry, reducing errors.
  • Ensures operational efficiency through automated processes.

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InDesign Catalogs and Catalog Automation for Prophet 21®

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InDesign Catalogs and Catalog Automation for Prophet 21®

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