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    What is B2Sell PIM?

    B2Sell’s proprietary product information management system allows B2B businesses to store, enrich, manage, and share all product-related data

    Businesses can rely on B2Sell PIM to streamline the process of curating and updating product information throughout their sales and marketing channels


    Who Needs B2Sell PIM?

    Do you wish to pursue a new demographic, bring a new supplier on board, or engage additional channels? If so, you wouldn’t want to share wrong or outdated information about your products.

    B2Sell PIM is thus an excellent tool to have because it helps keep pace with product changes and adapt your product messaging and pricing.

    Many brands have turned to us to help them centralize their product information.

    Our clients value our software’s input in creating product catalogs, marketing messages, and sales strategies

    Our B2B & eCommerce Solutions Are Exactly What You Need To Stay Ahead of The Competition

    With the multitude of eCommerce solutions available today, B2Sell provides a turnkey solution so you don't have to contract mutliple agencies and companies.

    We take care of integration, design, implementation, hosting, consulting and support so you can concentrate on selling more and growing your business.


    The wholesale B2B niche is broad.

    It comprises players from diverse industries, including food service, retail, medical, construction, and many more.

    Stop relying on solutions that are built for retail customers, our solutions are built specifically to meet the needs of wholesalers like yours

    At B2Sell, we have products tailored for each specific industry to let you market your products quickly while creating seamless buying experiences for your customers.

    Do you run a virtual storefront that links manufacturers and wholesalers to consumers?

    Maybe yours is an affiliate site where consumers can buy goods from various manufacturers.

    If so, B2Sell can help you set up separate websites for B2B and B2C sales.

    Setup separate pricing rules for B2B customers and consumers.

    Easy checkout with credit card payments, shipping estimates, tax calculation, and more solutions to help create product experiences that drive sales regardless of who your buyers are

    54% of all manufacturers have taken their B2B businesses online.

    By leveraging unique tools from B2Sell, manufacturers can diversify their eCommerce to reach more distributors, wholesalers, and channel partners.

    We can create integrated B2B websites and modern, responsive customer portals that work directly with your ERP system

    We can build an entire website behind a login or display basic product information and show pricing and inventory after logging in.

    We are ready to help transform your existing manufacturer’s website into a modern profitable B2B eCommerce site.

    The B2B eCommerce model creates excellent growth opportunities for distributors

    Our B2B and B2C websites were built from the ground up to work for distribution and manufacturing companies.

    With 10 years of experience, B2Sell can help your increase your distribution business and provide the value it needs.

    Furthermore, by working with B2Sell, distributors can shorten their lead times from sale to delivery, allowing them to create exceptional customer experiences


    Our Clients

    Bryan Equipment Sales
    Pacific Ag Wholesalers
    Trinity Surface & Tile
    SRS Distribution
    Heritage Pool Supply Group
    Electracom Supply
    Trenton Pipe

    Our Goal is Simple: help your B2B business expand, reduce cost-to-serve, and drive more revenue