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B2Sell Boost Case Study


A leading distributor of agricultural equipment parts had successfully implemented the B2Sell Dealer Portal solution for their customers to provide branded eCommerce website for them, as part of the ongoing data optimization efforts B2Sell had gathered rich product content for thousands of items that included images, pdf attachments, specifications, features etc. The distributor wanted to provide the rich content to their B2B customers as well.

The Challenge

The distributor had an existing B2B website using Epicor B2B Seller solution, though the B2B website was functioning as per their needs it did not have any ability to show rich product content due to software limitations.


B2Sell proposed a solution using B2Sell Boost that can be integrated into the existing B2B Seller product detail pages and show all of the available data for a single product. The solution was built in such a way that the integration with the existing website took only a few minutes.

Customers can now see detailed descriptions, product images, specifications, PDF attachments etc for products.


The distributor has seen improved customer experience and has been able to foresee lower product returns and improved customer satisfaction due to them being able view all information about a product before placing an order.

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