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    The InRiver PM allows businesses to store and manage their product data in competitive, multi-channel ecosystems.

    The B2Sell connector is a customized solution built to seamlessly bring InRiver PIM onto your Magento store. This extension actively bridges the gap between your products and customers by making it easy for vendors to enrich and syndicate information about their products.

    The InRiver product information management system helps businesses post accurate information relevant to their products and channels supported by digital assets leading to successful eCommerce journeys for their customers.

    Seamless integration between Magento and InRiver

    Zero downtime during deployment

    Accurate, enriched product content creation

    Get actionable data-driven analytics and insights

    Collect, Store, Optimize, Syndicate Your Product Data

    Our InRiver adapter for Magento commerce is dedicated to fast, standardized integration, which makes it easy for your product and marketing teams to create enriched content and build more fruitful customer experiences.

    B2Sell’s InRiver connector offers businesses a chance to provide better digital experiences to their Magento customers



    Support high-volume data management

    Multi-channel Synchronization

    Automatic updates

    Client Profile

    Bryan Equipment Sales
    Pacific Ag Wholesalers
    Trinity Surface & Tile
    SRS Distribution
    Heritage Pool Supply Group
    Electracom Supply
    Trenton Pipe

    The Number 1 InRiver PIM Connector for Magento Commerce

    If you run your business on Magento and are considering InRiver, or vice versa, our B2Sell connector will undoubtedly be the jump start your implementation phase needs. By eliminating the need to build the integration from scratch, we allow you to focus on other revenue-generating aspects of our business.

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