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Portals for Easy Sales for Dealers and Company Executives

Client & Industry

A major supplier of pool and spa parts and products based in the United States of America. They have a supply chain that extends beyond the United States to the United Kingdom.

Portals for Easy Sales for Dealers and Company Executives


  • A mobile application with separate portals for customers and company executives.
  • Dealer Portal that can be integrated into the client’s existing Epicor P21 website.
  • Dealer Hub to announce the latest updates and offers/ discounts on products


B2Sell proposed a turnkey solution that included web design, development and integration with Epicor Prophet 21 ERP. B2Sell Central PIM integrated with Epicor P21 to sync product information, customer accounts, pricing and availability.

B2Sell eSeller was used for the B2B/B2C website offering a modern website that worked tightly with the distributor’s ERP P21. Customers were identified as a B2B or B2C customer based on their login and their appropriate pricing was shown to them. B2B customers could place orders with a PO based on existing terms with the distributor. B2C customers could pay for their orders using a credit card. eSeller handled customer notifications for registrations, orders & shipments.

Offered Solutions by B2Sell

The client offered B2Sell with their requirements as the B2Sell services are all based on integrable solutions for Epicor Prophet21. As part of the first step towards the goal of completion was to create the Dealer Portal.

The Dealer portal website by B2Sell provides a channel for indirect sales and brand promotions. The dealer portal is integrated into the client’s Epicor P21 ERP that facilitates the easy management of orders, payments and inventory.

  • The dealer portal allows more content to be added such as images, catalogues, videos, etc.
  • The dealer portal is in sync with the P21 ERP which aids in the live pricing and inventory management.
  • The orders from the dealer portal will be directly sent to the client’s P21 ERP for managing the packaging and shipments.

An extra section, a dealer hub was also added to the website. The Dealer Hub primarily is to function as a new or announcements page for the client. All the offers, discounts, sales or latest updates on the products will be added to the Dealer Hub for notifying the customers easily.

The final point on the list was to develop a mobile application. B2Sell develops mobile applications that can be integrated into the Epicor Prophet21 eCommerce website and ERP of the client.

  • The mobile application developed will contain all elements found on the P21 B2B website including products, descriptions, prices, offers, etc.
  • The mobile application can be accessed based on roles, i.e; for both dealers and client executives.
  • The mobile application can be used by sales executives to enter the sales details during field sales.
  • The details entered through the mobile application are directly input to the P21 ERP system which in turn helps in tracking and managing orders, inventory and payment details.
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