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B2Sell Boosts Prophet 21 eCommerce Capabilities


Posted on March 18, 2020

B2Sell Boosts Prophet 21 eCommerce Capabilities
How B2Sell Boosts Prophet 21 eCommerce Capabilities
If you're a B2B company and want to sell online, you need to have a robust ERP system and e-commerce website. It is also essential to ensure there's smooth integration between these two entities. At B2Sell, we use the latest technologies and coding techniques to boost your Prophet 21s e-commerce capabilities.
We can create a versatile, feature-rich platform. We are very familiar with the Epicor Prophet 21 platform and understand how to use it to its full potential. Heres a look at how we boost this platforms capabilities:
1. Simultaneous Data Updates
Duplicate entries can cause a lot of problems and even mislead customers, which is why you need a system that can help you avoid that. Our system will sync all the information bi-directionally. It means all your data entries will be upgraded on both the ERP and the e-commerce platform simultaneously.
If you make any edits or additions to the ERP data, the change will be immediately visible on your e-commerce platform. This function reduces the margin for error and ensures your customers aren't misled. Simultaneous updates can also reduce the cost of making separate data entries in all of your assets. That can be a time-consuming and exhausting process, which is a drain on your resources.
2. Maximize Your B2B Reach
We create a streamlined, user-friendly, and reliable e-commerce platform and ensure theres smooth ERP integration. The e-commerce website will be able to access all of the inventory data, product information, customer information, and other such facilities. Your customers will have the information they need at their fingertips, to make purchase decisions.
A user-friendly platform that provides easy access to customer information will have a positive impact on your companys reputation. Word spreads fast in the B2B industry because most of your customers have expansive business networks. If you impress them with your platform, they will spread the news. We make sure that your e-commerce system is flexible and impactful to help you reach more people.
3. Stand Apart From Your Competitors
Many B2B companies use regular B2C website frameworks, which can limit their potential reach. We create a specialized website that caters exclusively to B2B customers and provides a genuinely versatile self-service system. Your website will have all the features the customers in this industry need, including different payment options, shipping arrangements, large order quantities, credit checks, etc.
A full B2B website will help you get ahead of the competition and stand out in your industry. It will help you build trust and loyalty for your brand and establish authority. A great B2B e-commerce system has long-term benefits.
4. Give Your Sales Team Advanced Tools
Modern e-commerce solutions provide more information and tools for sales time. They can help improve sales, shorten sale lifecycle, and lead to more conversions. You can provide customers a more personalized and customized experience. Your sales team will also have more data and tools to communicate with the customers.
If you want to know more about our B2B e-commerce websites and related services, dont hesitate to get in touch with us at B2Sell. You can request a free quote or contact us directly on 888 595 9996.