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Discover how B2Sell Catalog Automation revolutionizes business efficiency! Streamline success with automated processes that optimize catalog management.

B2Sell’s Catalog management Features

Automated Catalog Generation

  • Streamline catalog creation through automated processes.
  • Eliminate manual errors and save time with data-driven generation.
  • Ensure consistency and accuracy across product information.
  • Effortlessly update catalogs with the latest product details.

Custom Template Builder

  • Design unique templates aligned with your brand.
  • Customize layouts, fonts, colors, and styles easily.
  • Tailor templates for various product categories or campaigns.
  • Achieve a professional look while maintaining brand identity.

Customer Specific Pricing Catalogs

  • Personalize pricing based on customer segments.
  • Generate catalogs showing relevant pricing for each client.
  • Improve customer experience and strengthen relationships.
  • Enable targeted marketing with segmented pricing strategies.

Catalog Version Control

  • Maintain oversight of catalog revisions and changes.
  • Track different versions to manage updates efficiently.
  • Ensure stakeholders access the most up-to-date information.
  • Collaborate effectively with version history and control.

Multiple Output Formats

  • Produce catalogs in diverse formats for various needs.
  • Choose from PDFs, web-based catalogs, and more.
  • Reach wider audiences through preferred distribution channels.
  • Adapt to digital and print requirements seamlessly.

Cover Pages & Inserts

  • Craft eye-catching cover pages that captivate readers.
  • Enhance catalog engagement with visually appealing inserts.
  • Highlight special promotions, announcements, or featured products.
  • Create a dynamic and attractive first impression.

Table of Contents & Index

  • Enhance catalog usability with a clear table of contents.
  • Facilitate easy navigation by categorizing sections.
  • Include an index for swift product look-up.
  • Improve user experience with organized content structure.

Print Ready High-Quality PDF Generation

  • Generate print-ready catalogs with impeccable quality.
  • Ensure images, graphics, and layout are preserved accurately.
  • Deliver professional-grade catalogs for physical distribution.
  • Impress clients and partners with polished, high-resolution PDFs.

Catalog Automation Benefits

Enhancing the product catalog experience becomes even more effortless with B2Sell. Our B2Sell Catalog Management also empowers you to boost your overall business efficiency, allowing you to maximize your profits.

InDesign Catalogs and Catalog Automation for Prophet 21®

Personalized customer experiences

Multi-channel integration

Smooth data exchange

Increased customer loyalty

Standardized product information

Speeds up company development

Outstanding brand identity

Ready to Transform Your Catalog Management?

Unlock the true potential of your business with Catalog Automation. Join thousands of satisfied customers who have already experienced the power of automation.

Catalog Automation
Catalog Automation
Catalog Automation
Catalog Automation

Why Choose B2Sell Catalog Automation for Your Business?

At B2Sell, we understand the importance of efficient catalog management in driving sales and profitability. Our comprehensive automation solution is designed to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes, giving you the competitive edge, you need to thrive.

InDesign Catalogs and Catalog Automation for Prophet 21�

1.Expertise & Reliability

With years of experience in catalog automation, we offer a proven solution you can trust.

2.User-Friendly Interface:

Our intuitive platform makes it easy for anyone to manage catalogs efficiently, without the need for technical expertise.

3.Dedicated Support

Our team is always here to assist you. We provide dedicated customer support to ensure a smooth experience.

4.Scalable & Flexible

B2Sell is designed to scale with your business, adapting to your growing needs and future requirements.

5.Data Security

We take data security seriously. Your sensitive information is protected with the highest industry standards.

Automate your catalog management process and unlock your business's full potential.

B2Sell PIM Integrations

InDesign Catalogs and Catalog Automation for Prophet 21®

Streamline your product management with seamless B2Sell PIM integration. Centralize data, enrich content, and distribute across multiple channels effortlessly. Boost efficiency and accelerate sales.