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P21 and BigCommerce Integration for Streamlined Multi-channel eCommerce

For more than 75 years, Crown Supply company has been serving the lighting, electrical, data comm, fire alarm, and intercom industry. The company has innumerable product offerings. To make all of its products accessible to target customers, the company runs several different e-commerce portals.

However, over the years, the digital commerce space has witnessed tremendous advances in omni- and multi-channel selling and personalization. Hence, to keep up with these advances, Crown Supply hired B2Sell to integrate with P21 and BigCommerce allowing simplified and responsive cross-selling on multiple e-commerce sites.

Integration with P21 and BigCommerce Keeps Crown Supply on Top

Having multiple e-commerce portals for their different products inevitably results in disparate data silos. For Crown Supply Co., this meant that integration was often lost across various touchpoints, service processes, and interactions along the customer journey.

The B2Sell solution provided a unified platform that integrates P21 and BigCommerce. The robust and comprehensive functionality that resulted brought together multiple e-commerce channels. In so doing, it made it incredibly easy for Crown Supply Company to gain in-depth, timely visualizations of its entire product and customer portfolio.

Integration with BigCommerce and P21 allows Crown Supply Company to easily manage and automate operational tasks like product information management, digital assets management, catalog management, sales, etc. The B2Sell module is additionally built to support, better-informed, impactful decision-making.

B2Sell built an omnichannel architecture via which Crown Supply Co. could integrate and deploy applications to enrich customer experiences across multiple e-commerce platforms. Ultimately, the different capabilities provided by B2Sell will help the company create new revenue streams while maintaining existing streams better.

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