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B2B/ B2C eCommerce Website with Catalog Automation for P21

Client & Industry

A leading manufacturer and service provider for ISO certified fluid and hydraulic power components for more than four decades.

B2B/ B2C eCommerce Website with Catalog Automation for P21


  • Develop a customized B2B and B2C transaction-enabled eCommerce website.
  • A customized version of their existing catalogues in their P21 ERP.

Offered Solutions by B2Sell

The client is a user of Epicor Prophet21 ERP system and preferred to engage with B2Sell eCommerce solutions that are easily integrated into Epicor P21 system.

The B2B/ B2C eCommerce website developed by B2Sell’s eSeller system allows its users the following.

  • The website can be used with a role access system for both B2B and B2C transactions made possible.
  • A dedicated content management system that provides a section for adding more content, in addition to that present in the client’s P21 ERP, such as images, videos, tables, etc.
  • All the orders placed on the website will be directly imported into the Epicor P21 ERP for easy tracking of stock availability and freight.
  • Live map pricing is in sync with the client’s P21 ERP based on the delivery frequencies of the user.
  • The billing system is integrated with the client’s P21 ERP for easier payments and invoices. Users can pay via different online payment gateways.

The second requirement of the client was to have a customized printable catalogue for the website.

B2Sell has developed a unique plugin that can be integrated with the Adobe InDesign for catalogue automation for P21 users. As the website is integrated into the client’s P21 using the eCentral PIM system of B2Sell, is capable of the following.

  • The plugin can be used to create a catalogue using a drag and drop option. This includes description, images, tables, etc.
  • The details on the catalogues get updated each time there is an update in the Epicor Prophet21 system of the client.
  • The catalogues are built with functionality to be printed in different languages as per the client’s customer locations.
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