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How B2Sell Dropship Ecommerce Portal Works

1. Integration Hub

The B2Sell Dropship Ecommerce Portal serves as a central hub, seamlessly connecting Shopify and diverse ERP systems.

2. AWS-Powered

Leveraging AWS serverless applications, the portal ensures efficient data flow and processing.

3. Real-Time Content Transfer

Enjoy real-time content synchronization from the ERP to Shopify stores, keeping product information up to date.

4. Automated Order Fulfillment

When an end-user places an order, the portal automatically relays order details to the ERP for smooth dropshipping.

5. Shipping Updates

Stay informed with automatic shipping information updates in Shopify, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

B2Sell’s Dropship Ecommerce Portal Features

White-Label Branding

White-Labelled website

  • Offer dealers the ability to create their own branded Shopify stores.
  • Customize dealer websites to match their brand identity.
  • Facilitate a seamless and professional e-commerce experience.
  • Foster dealer loyalty through consistent branding.
Content Management

Pre-loaded content

  • Provide dealers with access to a diverse product catalog.
  • Allow dealers to set their own pricing for profitability.
  • Enable customization of product categories to suit dealer preferences.
  • Deliver product listings with complete images, descriptions, and specifications.
Automated Order Fulfillment

Automated Order Fulfillment

  • Provide a virtual inventory solution, reducing dealer storage costs.
  • Automate order processing for efficiency.
  • Brand the entire fulfillment process with the dealer's identity.
  • Simplify dealer supply chain operations, enhancing loyalty.

Scalability and Flexibility

  • Facilitate dealer business growth effortlessly.
  • Adapt to evolving market dynamics.
  • Offer expanded product ranges.
  • Enable operational scalability.

Customization Capabilities

  • Personalize the dealer's shopping experience.
  • Tailor the portal to meet specific dealer needs.
  • Foster a unique online identity.
  • Strengthen connections with the dealer's target audience.

Seamless ERP Integration

  • Effortlessly integrate with dealer ERP systems.
  • Ensure smooth, synchronized operations.
  • Enhance inventory management efficiency.
  • Simplify accounting and reporting tasks.

Real-time Analytics

  • Provide instant access to actionable insights.
  • Support data-driven decision-making.
  • Help dealers monitor dropshipping performance.
  • Optimize strategies in real-time for greater success.

Multi-Channel Support

  • Enable dealers to sell across various platforms and marketplaces.
  • Expand the dealer's customer reach.
  • Enhance online presence and visibility.
  • Diversify sales channels to boost revenue.

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Case Studies


Your Own Farm Store

Cultivating Growth YourOwnFarmStore serves as a testament to the versatility and scalability of Dropship Ecommerce Portal in the agriculture sector. With dealer websites such as,, and, YourOwnFarmStore has expanded its reach to various agricultural communities. The platform’s centralized content management system allows for real-time updates of product information and pricing, ensuring that farmers always have access to the latest offerings. Moreover, the automated fulfillment process has streamlined the supply chain, making it easier for dealers to meet the demands of the farming season.


My Own Pool Store

A Dive into Success MyOwnPoolStore is a shining example of how Dropship Ecommerce Portal can revolutionize the pool supply industry. With a network of dealer websites like and, MyOwnPoolStore has been able to offer a wide range of pool supplies to a diverse customer base. The platform’s seamless ERP integration ensures that inventory levels are always accurate, and its automated fulfillment capabilities have reduced delivery times by up to 30%. The white-label branding feature has enabled dealers to maintain their unique identities while benefiting from the robust infrastructure provided by MyOwnPoolStore.

B2Sell Dropship Ecommerce Portal - ERP Integration

Our platform supports a wide range of ERP systems, including SAP, Epicor, and Microsoft Dynamics, among others. This ensures seamless inventory and order management.