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Custom Online Commerce Website for Epicor P21

Client & Industry

A major distributor of electrical, electronics and data-communication products for industrial, commercial and residential purposes. They supply products from all major brands for datacom, security, wireless, automation and electrical and electronics fittings.

Custom Online Commerce Website for Epicor P21


  • Develop a website with role access for both dealers/ agents and end-consumers.

Offered Solutions by B2Sell

Developers at B2Sell created a website that can handle both B2B and B2C online commerce transactions on a single platform. This can be attained using the role access sign in feature enabled on the website. The eCommerce website is integrated into the Epicor P21 ERP system of the client.

  • The website has a role-based access system enabled for B2B or B2C sales, i.e.; for dealers or agents, or end-user customers respectively.
  • The product seller pages developed using B2Sell’s eSeller tool is SEO optimized and can host a variety of content segments including videos, images, tables, etc.
  • The data on the website can be altered using the eCentral product information management system of B2Sell or via the P21 ERP of the client.
  • The prices on the website are input from the live map pricing in the Prophet21 ERP system of the client based on the type of customer and frequency of purchases.
  • The orders are directly synced to the Epicor ERP system of the client that allows them to easily track and manage the orders, shipments, payments and deliveries.
  • Customers can view and manage their orders and payments from their accounts.
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