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Streamlining Product Information Management for Heritage Pool Supply Group

The Heritage Pool Supply Group created a company that would change the world of pool and spa supplies. By bringing together different suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors onto a single platform, their eCommerce offering was quite different from other players in the sector.

The impact of Heritage Pool Supply Group’s new e-commerce strategy was so great that within no time, the company was capable of offering over a thousand products online. The credit for their impressive success is the company’s commitment to hard work and top-quality service delivery.

The Challenge

When launching an e-commerce channel designed to disrupt the market, it is extremely important that you get it right. Heritage Pool Supply Group was reaching new heights of success.

However, their ballooning product catalog presented an unprecedented challenge.

“I was happy that we could offer our customers a vast range of products. However, I was concerned that our product management systems were falling apart, becoming more cluttered, consuming unnecessary resources and time, slowing down our progress, and generally becoming a hindrance to sales,” Recalls Heritage Pool Supply Group CEO.

Heritage Pool Supply Group was built to offer people looking for pool and spa supplies an efficient store with high-quality products at the best possible prices. They aspired to offer better customer experiences than existing players.

They, therefore, needed a way of making this happen by leveraging the vast product information at their disposal. That's why they contacted B2Sell.

Our Solution

B2Sell’s main approach was focused on making product information management an efficient process that’s reactive rather than proactive.

Most of our work was driven by the value of simplicity. We believe that simplicity breeds clarity. Clarity leads to efficiency, and ultimately improved productivity.

Our B2Sell InRiver integration is thus designed to do everything that a product information manager needs to do. However, it does that more simply, intelligently, and intuitively than similar applications.

The InRiver PIM solution we created for Heritage Pool Supply Group is truly centralized. It holds all product data, analysis, histories, etc. This product database is also tailor-made for collaboration, giving all users easy access to up-to-date, real-time product information irrespective of their time or geographical differences.

By installing B2Sell InRiver integrations, we’ve helped Heritage Pool Supply Group harmonize and bring integrity to their product management processes. Additionally, the platform seamlessly and instantly controls their workflows.

Our B2sel InRiver PIM is simply a product that does everything it was designed to do, however, beneath its simplicity lies immense competence, capability, and complexity.

Schedule a meeting with us today; our experts will demonstrate how the B2Sell InRiver PIM integration makes eCommerce perfect.

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