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Leveraging SAP Business Technology to Streamline Catalog Management for HRS Global

HRS Global has a rich history dating back to the early 90s as a leading manufacturer, importer, and commercialized agent of various branded products. For this Canadian commerce giant, selling outstanding products and accessories is merely the beginning of its story. The company strives to offer unbeatable prices, exceptional customer experiences, and optimal online shopping conditions.

HRS global has a robust online portal where customers can request a variety of top-quality products including electronics; pet toys and care items; kitchen, BBQ, and cleaning products; party supplies as well as Christmas decorations and gift wrappers.

HRS global imports most of its products while the rest are sourced from local manufacturers. And while the company enjoys excellent service functionality and delivery, its extensive product collection and the vast army of loyal customers did start to overwhelm the management.

HRS Global needed a way to harmonize its processes. More so, they realized that their product catalogs had become disjointed as their product offerings grew.

Therefore, HRS Global approached us to help create a 360-degree of their business through up-to-date, all-inclusive web and print catalogs.

Making It Easier for HRS Global to Sell Better, Faster, And More

Within one month, B2Sell experts created advanced catalog management solutions for HRS Global based on SAP Business One.

Crucially, we transformed the product experience by streamlining automation and integrating processes for faster, more accurate, and real-time catalog management.

B2Sell’s catalog management solutions allowed HRS Global to create great customer experiences by making it easier for them to generate personalized web catalogs that focus on the needs and expectations of their customers.

As a leading SAAS provider, B2Sell helps e-commerce players like HRS explore new possibilities filled with loyal, satisfied customers. Consequently; the catalog modules we built on SAP for HRS made it easier and more intuitive for customers to interact with the company.

B2Sell leveraged SAP Business One to create excellent web and print catalogs befitting HRS Global’s high benchmark in exceptional product and service delivery. Find out more about how you too can benefit from our advanced catalog management solutions to overhaul your systems for a fluid, more connected e-commerce experience.

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