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    Empower Your Ecommerce Business with B2Sell's Top Features

    Mobile Apps

    Cross Platform

    • B2Sell Mobile caters to both iOS and Android users seamlessly.
    • Users experience consistent features and functionality across platforms.
    • No device-based barriers, ensuring broader customer reach.
    • Accessible shopping anytime, anywhere, without platform limitations.
    Mobile Apps

    B2B & B2C Selling

    • B2Sell enables dual B2B and B2C selling strategies within one app.
    • Businesses can diversify revenue streams and customer segments.
    • Maximizes market potential by accommodating varying customer needs.
    • Efficiently serves both corporate and individual buyers.
    Mobile Apps

    Custom Designs

    • B2Sell offers personalized storefront designs reflecting brand identity.
    • Create captivating and unique visual experiences.
    • Enhances brand loyalty through tailored aesthetics.
    • Adapt and evolve designs to match changing trends.
    Mobile Apps

    Branding & Logo

    • B2Sell showcases your brand and logo in Play Store and App Store.
    • Strengthen brand recognition and visibility.
    • Establishes professionalism and brand consistency.
    • Enhances trust among users with familiar branding.
    Mobile Apps

    Custom Notifications

    • B2Sell's notifications are tailored to individual user preferences.
    • Keep customers informed about promotions, products, and orders.
    • Boosts engagement, leading to higher conversions.
    • Personalized alerts enhance overall user experience.
    Mobile Apps

    Barcode/QR Code Search

    • B2Sell simplifies product discovery with barcode/QR code search.
    • Swiftly locate items by scanning codes.
    • Reduces search time, making shopping efficient.
    • Enhances user satisfaction through seamless search.
    Mobile Apps

    Sales Rep Feature

    • Empowers sales reps with tools to manage interactions.
    • Process orders, engage customers, and nurture relationships.
    • Strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Efficiently cater to B2B clients through personalized support.
    Mobile Apps

    Customer Pricing

    • B2Sell provides flexible pricing for distinct customer groups.
    • Tailor pricing is based on customer types or quantities.
    • Incentivize bulk purchases and repeat business.
    • Capture diverse market segments effectively.
    Mobile Apps

    Stock & My Account

    • B2Sell keeps users updated on product availability.
    • Customers manage orders, track shipments, and review history.
    • Transparency into order status enhances satisfaction.
    • Streamlined account management for seamless shopping.

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    Stay ahead of the competition with the latest mobile ecommerce technology at your fingertips.

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