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Building The Perfect Online Store on CDK Global Dealer Management System

Manufacturing is a crucial aspect of the US economy. Robertson Equipment. Co keeps manufacturing industries running in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The company is one of the biggest providers of bulk handling, processing, and pollution control equipment in the region.

Its 40 years history as an equipment specialist is deeply ingrained in the company’s passion for excellence. Its iconic parts have increasingly been sought by top manufacturers for their authenticity, durability, and performance. Robertson Equipment Company has thus gradually become a leading, trusted provider of high-quality equipment.

Robertson Equipment. Co has evolved as a superior parts supplier. To meet the rising consumer demand for their products, the company needed a transformative online e-commerce channel. Their new e-commerce landscape would be built on the CDK Global dealer management system. To do this, they called upon the expertise and technology provided by B2Sell’s software engineering team.

A Perfect Online Shop That Smoothly Manages the Entire Buying Cycle

Building Robertson’s online store on CDK global was one of B2Sell’s most memorable projects. Our developers crafted uniquely innovative tech that went above and beyond in enhancing the online store’s overall performance.

One of B2Sell’s objectives for the Robertson Project was to improve the dynamics of commerce on CDK Global. We aspired to build an online store that reshaped digital commerce in simple but effective ways. For instance, we fine tuned built-in integrations and connectors to streamline performance.

The analytics provided by B2Sell ensured that Robertson Equipment company was taking advantage of available data to innovate, generate leads, and boost their online sales.

Additionally, B2Sell employed cutting-edge technology to keep Robertson ahead of the competition on mobile, the web, and all connected devices.

Our proudest offering, however, is the fact that we built a future-proof online store for Robertson Equipment Company. This allows them to easily respond to future market trends without the need for back-end infrastructure reconfiguration.

B2Sell leveraged CDK Global dealer management system to give Robertson Equipment company the perfect online parts store. The store:

  • Has powerful e-commerce capabilities
  • Has impressive scalability
  • Can seamlessly handle traffic spikes and volumes
  • Is so flexible that adding new features and products is a breeze.

We know this store is guaranteed to keep the company ahead of the competition curve well into the future.

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