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Customer Friendly B2B eCommerce Website

Client & Industry

A major supplier for farm and agriculture machinery parts and supplies. The client has been serving in and around the United States of America for the past six decades.

Customer Friendly B2B eCommerce Website


  • Additional content elements into the existing Epicor Product Seller pages.
  • Develop a feature-rich printable catalogue.
  • Add a dealer portal integrated with the client’s Prophet 21 ERP system.
  • A mobile eCommerce application compatible with the client’s P21 website and ERP.

Offered Solutions by B2Sell

As part of the initial step to complying with the client’s requirements, B2Sell developers used the B2Sell Boost enhancement feature to add extra content elements into the Epicor B2B website of the client.

  • The additional elements can be added as per choice through the dedicated Product Information Management system provided to the client.
  • The PIM is integrated into the client’s Epicor P21 ERP system, which helps in the proper management of data flow both on the website and the ERP.
  • Apart from the existing concise content on the eCommerce website, the seller pages will contain additional elements such as images and tables with detailed information on the products.

The Dealer Portal is a crucial part of this task as it is another facet of the client’s business online for generating indirect sales. The dealer portal is integrated to the client’s existing Prophet21 ERP system which allows

  • This portal allows customers to log on to their account and view and manage orders and keep track on the payments, shipment and delivery and print invoices.
  • Each order placed will be directly marked in the Epicor P21 ERP system of the client. This allows live inventory and order tracking possible for the client through their ERP.
  • Pricing details will be mapped directly from the P21 ERP based on the customer and their previous purchases.

The final part was to develop a mobile application. The developers at B2Sell successfully developed an eCommerce mobile application for the client that is deeply integrated to the client’s ERP system.

  • The mobile app is compatible with both Android And iOS smart devices.
  • The customers can view products, place orders, pay online and track their deliveries all through the single app.
  • The orders placed via the mobile application will also be imported into the P21 ERP system of the client. This helps in the live order tracking, inventory and shipping purposes.
  • The prices and catalogues are all the same as that on the website.
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