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    All eCommerce organizations know that creating and distributing enriched product data consumes valuable company time.

    We, therefore, designed an intelligent solution to make high-quality, accurate, and up-to-date product content available quickly at all times.

    The B2Sell PIM is a powerful, indispensable system for managing all information about your products on SAP Business One. It offers useful functionalities for creating, storing, and distributing product data without the need for tedious manual processes.

    B2Sell for SAP Business One brings together crucial systems, data, and processes to help you deliver enriched, consistent shopping experiences for your customers.

    Track all product data in real-time

    Easily manage large-volume product data

    Seamlessly enter new markets and onboard new products

    Execute complex marketing and sales strategies fast and efficiently

    Everything In a Single Platform

    All PIM operations, from data collection and storage to enrichment and syndication, are provided via a single source of truth. Besides increasing synergy, this enhances collaboration and eliminates time wasted communicating with multiple data sources.

    Comprehensive Solutions

    The B2Sell PIM is a comprehensive product that extends beyond its primary function of managing product data. The seamless integration offers many other benefits, including catalog automation, digital assets management, product experience management, etc.

    Industry Expertise

    B2Sell is the brainchild of experienced eCommerce experts who wish to develop solutions that offer the right conditions for businesses to thrive in highly competitive, multichannel environments.

    B2Sell’s solutions help businesses provide better digital experiences through complete, accurate and enriched information about their products



    Support high-volume data management

    Multi-channel Synchronization

    Automatic updates

    Client Profile

    Bryan Equipment Sales
    Pacific Ag Wholesalers
    Trinity Surface & Tile
    SRS Distribution
    Heritage Pool Supply Group
    Electracom Supply
    Trenton Pipe

    The Number 1 InRiver PIM Connector for Magento Commerce

    If you run your business on Magento and are considering InRiver, or vice versa, our B2Sell connector will undoubtedly be the jump start your implementation phase needs. By eliminating the need to build the integration from scratch, we allow you to focus on other revenue-generating aspects of our business.

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    B2Sell PIM and SAP integration help businesses digitize their product data strategies, effectively facilitating better customer experience diversification and channel proliferation opportunities.

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