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Growing B2B enterprises need an end-to-end business solution to help them manage their customer relationships and directly link customer-related data to other business operations.

Salesforce CRM platform makes it easier for companies to collect, organize, and manage customer information.

B2Sell PIM is an omnichannel product data manager that cost-effectively minimizes data entry to help B2B enterprises scale their operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Linking B2Sell PIM to Salesforces provides enterprises with the most efficient way to automate workflows and easily consolidate customer data.

A single platform for all your customer-related information

Easily import customer information from multiple sources, including CRM, marketplaces, excel spreadsheets, and more

Get your customer data automatically updated across all associated platforms

Collaboratively enrich your customer information by bringing together the different teams in your organization

How Our Unified Product Information Management Platform works


1. Register for a B2Sell PIM account

2. Add Salesforce to the platform

3. Use B2Sell PIM to manage all product data, including descriptions, categories, orders, shipments, etc.

Whether your business has thousands of customers or just a few, B2Sell PIM is a better, quicker, fun way of managing customer information.

B2Sell PIM gives you a better way to work in Salesforce. We simplify customer data management and streamline workflows.

The flexibility and automation offered by our PIM make it easy for you to scale up, onboard new customers and eliminate costly, time-consuming manual work

B2Sell is here to help you do more, transform business, and streamline how you manage customer data.